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In Memory

This page is dedicated to some of our dogs who have passed on.  All of them were precious, and contributed something to our lives, even if just to be an excellent companion. 

We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our  
own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept  
its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the 
only  certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.  Irving Townsend

Chaos, (CH Bertschire's Cotswold Chaos CD JH TD WCX HOF)....Andrea's introduction to this breed.  He lived up to his name more than once, and gave me the ride of my life.


Redneck, (CH Bertschire's Full Spectrum UDX JH NA WCX HOF)....Donna's beloved friend and companion.  She left big pawprints to fill.


Shiner, (CH Bertschire's Blac N Blue CDX JH WCX)....loved by Donna Slavin.  Shiner was a character, and sired the 1998 national specialty Best of Breed winner.


Shadow, (CH Bertschire's Obsidian Shadow UD SH WCX HOF)....loved by the Seeley family.  Shadow was Terri's first Utility Dog (UD) and Hall of Fame (HOF) dog and Andrea's first Senior Hunter (SH). 


Maddie, (CH Bertschire's The One And Only WC) bitch for Andrea.  She lived to nearly age 12 and left numerous talented kids and grandkids.


Ellie, (CH Twin Oaks Joyeaux Noelle)....brought new lines into the Bertschire pedigrees and contributed striking breed type.  Ellie was killed at age 6 in a tragic and wrenching accident.  Her quiet sweetness was also passed on to her children and grandchildren..


Brad, (CH Bertschire Something Wicked JH OA NAJ WC).....loved by the Seeley family.  Brad was an influential sire for Bertschire as well as a kind soul.


Shinda, (CH Mshinda Wa Amani CD MH AX OAJ HOF).....Kass' favorite dog of all time.  Shinda never produced a litter, but he was a shining ambassador for the breed in many venues and lived to 13 1/2. 


Leroy, (Ch Bertschire's Bad Bad Leroy Brown)..... LeRoy was an outstanding example of Flat-coat type and character.  Among his children are multiple Sporting Group placers and the 2005 FCRSA national specialty winner.  He lived with Donna Slavin, and was killed by a car.


Athena, (MACH Bertschire's Bad Idea CD WC).....Athena was to be "just a pet", and what a great pet she turned out to be!  She and her beloved owner, Debbie Martin PhD DVM conquered the agility ring, becoming one of the first Master Agility Champion FCRs.  She will be dearly missed.


Bones, (CH Bertschire's Bad To The Bone)....started out her life as a show dog and brood bitch.  Bones retired to "the good life" with Jeanne Lin and Bernie Strozeski and was pampered and adored to the end.  A member of the famous "Bad" litter, Bones was a real character and very well-named.


Serena, (CH Bertschire's Serena Williams JH WCX)....sweet daughter of Ellie.  Serena lived with Nancy Cavallo, but also spent a few years here with us, off and on, and had 2 litters here in Georgia.  With 2 Senior legs to her credit, she was an outstanding pheasant dog, much preferring upland hunting to water work.


Venus (Bertschire's Venus Williams)...Serena's sister.  At the age of 6 months, Venus was named Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at the 1998 national specialty; shortly after her one year birthday, she lost a front leg to an accident.  Despite this handicap, she lived a long and very full life, presenting us with 2 beautiful litters.  Her children include a Master Hunter and a national specialty JAM winner.  Her grandchildren are also quite accomplished; a group placer, a national specialty WD, BOS and JAM winner, multiple working and show titlists as well as many beloved pets.  Venus lived to 13 years and 11 months of age.


Dutch (CH Cloud Kindred Spirit SH WCX)....Dutch lived his last 3 years with Max Wirth, as a devoted pet and hunting companion.  His show and working career were outstanding; he finished his championship easily and went on to a short specials career that landed him in the top 20 for the year, and he had a Best in Veteran Sweepstakes win the year before he died.  He was a valuable stud dog too, producing excellent type, working ability and temperaments.  Dutch was a great ambassador for the breed and had friends across the country.


Madison (BISS CH Huntlane Under The Sea JH)....we said good-bye to Madison on 9/9/13 - she was 12 yrs and 10 months old.  A stud fee puppy out of LeRoy, she took the show world by storm, racking up an impressive career, including winning the 2005 national specialty.  We miss her.


Jet (CH Cloud Dancer's Jet To Bertschire JH WCX)...Jet was our introduction to importing from Europe.  He was an amazing dog.  As a puppy, he was Reserve Winners Dog at the 2013 national specialty and went on to finish his championship very easily.  He was an excellent field dog, earning his JH, WC and WCX with ease.  Jet loved all he met, and was loved by all in return.  He has been an influential producer for our kennel as well as a great buddy.


Flyer (GCH Bertschire Fly By Night JH WC)...Flyer was our pick boy out of Dutch and Madison.  He had a fantastic temperament and was truly a "boy scout" - always ready to do whatever made you happy.  He had a very successful show career, with two JAM's at national specialties and an owner-handled group placement.

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